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Topic: OT: Cartoon Voicing

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    OT: Cartoon Voicing

    ive taken on a project to score this cartoon series. it is a real stretch for me and i have not done anything like it. up till now i have done music for commercials and a couple video game projects (which were heavy linkin park style music). so i feel really out of my comfort zone (which i know is a good thing). it has made me listen and watch lots of cartoons and animated shows and i am amazed (as i watch with my 3 year old daughter) at some of the music in these shows. (some are really bad but for the most part, excellent).
    i have very little experience doing orchestral style music as I am a guitar player and have strenghts in hiphop electronic and rock genres. So its taking me a long time to find instruments that go well with each other.
    My question is...is simply watching more (modern) cartoons and animation the best way to hear what instruments sound good together? or is there a good orchestral list to look at?
    for instance for the main character i am using a xylophone and a pizzacto string patch. it has the comical happy vibe. and works well for little runs and emotion and action accents.
    Are there other instruments that work well together for cartoons? im not trying to score this like old school style.....modern yet still a bit stereotypcial.
    sorry for the rambling...im not sure if any of that made sense. thanks for any direction.

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    Re: OT: Cartoon Voicing

    Personally I'd recommend watching The Simpsons with a pencil and paper in hand, and just jotting down all the combos you hear - it might be tricky to figure out what exactly Alf Clausen is doing (he's really that slick, it's amazing), but if you listen closely you should be able to pick things out. Biggest hint I can give is that almost everything is doubled somehow or another, and there's lots of muted brass and doublereeds to get that edgy feel. The string sections probably aren't very large either, and comic stuff in general tends to be light on the reverb - somehow I always imagine a linear relationship between "seriousness" and reverb.
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: OT: Cartoon Voicing

    My GOD - - - - Alf Clausen is such an underrated genius!

    I hear his musical 'turns of phrase' and twists and pokes and sharp parodies and subtle (and sometimes obtuse) references and am just breathless. The scope of his knowledge of history and his mastery of technique are up there with the greatest. And yet, he has a very cohesive, unique, and recognisable style.

    Clausen's work on the Simpsons is serious stuff!

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