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Topic: Any Gigastudio/Vintaudio Yam C7 users ??

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    Any Gigastudio/Vintaudio Yam C7 users ??


    I've been having problems getting the Yam C7 to work with Gigastudio 3.1 Ensemble. If I load a program that includes any of the Gigapulse efx,
    my CPU is a 45% right off the bat, without even pressing the sustain pedal.
    As soon as I press the sustain pedal, my CPU is overloaded.

    I'm using a Sony Vaio laptop with a 2.4 Ghz. proc. and 1.5 GB of RAM. I lowered the voices setting in Gigastudio down to 100 from 160 and it still maxes out quickly with any of the Giga pulse programs. Are other people having these issues? Also, when you load a gigapulse patch do you get a stacked instrument with 3 or 4 programs together? Is this the way its supposed to work?



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    Re: Any Gigastudio/Vintaudio Yam C7 users ??

    Your 2.4 GHz machine is the bare minimum recommended for GigaPiano II. And it's a laptop to boot, which means that it's on the slow side, compared to a 2.4 GHz desktop. Also, the C7 is much heavier that GPII, with more layers and longer tails.

    As I see it, you have three options with the C7: 1) get something faster, 2) apply tweaks and turn off various processes, maybe even overclock to get more performance, or 3) use the versions without GigaPulse.

    All the best,


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