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Topic: String Trio #1, 4th Movement Revised

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    String Trio #1, 4th Movement Revised

    I posted an earlier version of this but I've had a chance to refine it a bit, and also try and tweak the MIDI performance to make it a bit more musical, though a lot more could be done with it in that area. This will serve as a guide for the real trio that will hopefully record the piece once it's all finished. This will be the closing section... nothing groundbreaking here, I just wanted something nice, not horribly hard to play (though I suspect, hard enough) and very old fashioned.


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    Re: String Trio #1, 4th Movement Revised

    I got the bad old "file not found" error.

    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: String Trio #1, 4th Movement Revised

    Yep, I'm trying to fix it...
    Got it. I think the filename was too long- had to change it!

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    Re: String Trio #1, 4th Movement Revised

    Wow...I feel kind of cludgy in my string writing. The music is very well written, but it seems very dry...perhaps a bit more reverb just to soften it up a bit. I know that I fall into the other end of the spectrum...I tend to put the music in this lush room and go. A happy medium would do me good.

    Anyway, I liked this alot, and I look forward to hearing more of this piece.


    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: String Trio #1, 4th Movement Revised

    Fred, this is excellent!

    Both the writing and the rendering.

    Impressive musicality on the interpretation -- I listened through this several times, and was quite struck with the realism and nuance of the "playing".



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    Re: String Trio #1, 4th Movement Revised

    This music is absolutely fantastic. I can't believe that I only hear this now, although, I am a bit behind in listening to the posted demos...so much music....so little time....... The writing is outstanding! I love your style. I could listen to this ALL day long . Bravo on a beautiful piece of music.

    I have to agree with a previous poster about the "dryness" of the instruments. I think a bit of "distance" and space would make a huge difference. But that's my personal taste .
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: String Trio #1, 4th Movement Revised

    Wow, Louis, thanks!! I really appreciate that!! I just used the default reverb on the "wet preview" instruments. I was actually worried that it was too wet- but it's the wrong kind of wet, more like a hall and not like a room. I think I will go back and try for a wetter but more chamberesque sound.

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    Re: String Trio #1, 4th Movement Revised

    I like it, Mr. Fred! My kind of music! You did an excellent job. Thanks for sharing it.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: String Trio #1, 4th Movement Revised

    That's really high prrase coming from someone who has written so much great music! Thanks for listening, Mr. Larry! (See, we neanderthal rock-n-rollers are good for something )

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    Re: String Trio #1, 4th Movement Revised

    Very pleasurable indeed!!! I do like your writing. A well put together classical style trio. Nice mix overall too.
    (The Nut )


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