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Topic: EWQL + Cubase SX Track question

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    Angry EWQL + Cubase SX Track question

    I am trying to arrange orchestral peices using EWQL silver edition. I want to add multiple midi tracks and control each instrument on separate tracks.

    I record one part onto a track, then switch the "Multi" say from "cello" to "violin" and record on a new midi track. then when i go back to play both tracks, both parts sound like violins.

    Maybe I am just not using it properly. Am i supposed to use only one track for the arrangement? So that violins and cellos etc are on the same track?? How do i do it with cubase sx??

    please help!!

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    Re: EWQL + Cubase SX Track question

    My guess is that you have both tracks on the same channel. Try changing that and see if that's the problem.

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    Re: EWQL + Cubase SX Track question

    ok thanks. i'm kind of a n00b.

    i'm not exactly sure how the kompakt program works.

    if i have two tracks they shoudl be on separate channels correct??
    so in the vsti (the kompakt) how should i set it up? what is that midi symbol with omni next to it?? i can change the channel there, but it doesn't seem like its doing anything. the there is some kind of fork with a 1/2 and you can change that.. what is that????

    any help would be apreciated. sorry for being a rookie.


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    Re: EWQL + Cubase SX Track question

    You'll need to have the channels match in the player and on the track in Cubase. So, let's say the violin is on channel 1, then the MIDI track in Cubase will need to be set to channel 1 etc.

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    Re: EWQL + Cubase SX Track question

    ok. that makes total sense. BUT....

    how do i set the channel on the player? is it the omni thing, the fork thing, or the slots 1-8 that say "empty" at default??

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    Re: EWQL + Cubase SX Track question

    ok let me check...yes. There's a little symbol that looks like midi connection, next to it, it says omni. Click on omni and a pull-down should appear. Select your channel from that menu

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    Re: EWQL + Cubase SX Track question

    hmmm. ok but when i change that, it doesnt seem to change the instruments being used?

    thanks so much for your help!!

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    Re: EWQL + Cubase SX Track question

    Make sure that you've made the changes on your Cubase track as well. The track in Cubase needs to match the player. I'm not that familiar with Cubase because I use Sonar, but I'm sure that it's the same in that respect. Just to be sure, are you loading (in the player) a violin on one of the slots that says empty, changing it to say channel 1, and then loading the cello on the "empty" line under that and changing the channel to 2 etc, and then setting up your midi tracks to match?

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    Re: EWQL + Cubase SX Track question

    Are you up and running now? Is your problem fixed? Let me know and I'll try to help some more. Thanks!

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