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Topic: First Call Horns

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    Angry First Call Horns

    Just purchased this and wanted to let others know that it's DREADFUL compared to Quantum Leap Brass which I've had to rely on for a long time. But the worst of it is this:

    The sales information clearly states both trumpets and trombones have plunger, cup, bucket and harmon mutes. On browsing the DVD, it becomes clear that the trombone only has a straight and cup mute, and the trumpet comes with cup, straight and harmon mute. The others are non-existent. Similarly there is mention of a lead and second trumpet, when in fact there is no second trumpet. This is a blatant flouting of trade descriptions.

    Needless to say I won't be buying any more Big Fish products, and am intending returning the item for a full refund even though I have had to open it to find this joke out.

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    Re: First Call Horns

    Well - funny you should say that - I also at the same time ordered the London Solo Strings, and I was quite disappointed with this too. However, not because it didn't deliver what was on the tin this time.

    What I find amazing is that it has loads of short bow articulations, but only one "straight" long bow articulation - no detaches, no slides, no con-sord, no non-vib, etc. I think I'll have to stick to KHSS which is far more comprehensive. I am also considering VSL solo strings, but it looks very complex to use...

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    Re: First Call Horns

    Sorry to hear about that Sarobin.
    Just a thought - if the contents of product clearly doesn't fulfil what is promised in the sales info, shouldn't you be able to return it and get your money back?

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    Re: First Call Horns

    I certainly hope so - I've emailed Time & Space to see what they say. I know that the usual rule is if you've opened it, then you can't send it back, but obviously in this situation I had to open it to find this out!!

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    Re: First Call Horns

    But this is not a return but a reclamation. There is a big difference between the both.

    A return adresses the situation when the customer finds out he or she does not like the product as estimated. Within a given time they can return the product, but in a condition that is "unused" or "nearly unused". Obviously this cannot be done with software because then many people would just make a copy of it and send it back.

    But a reclamation is an entirely different animal. It adresses the situation when the product does not work, is damaged or does not fulfil what has been written on the package.

    I don't know where you live but here (germany) the dealer has the right to either prove that the reclamation is wrong (the thing is working but the customer just did not know how to do) or to repair the product / deliver what was written in the description. If a repair or new delivery fails two times the consumer has the right to give the product back. This is valid for all products, be it opened software or not.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: First Call Horns

    Ah - that's very interesting - thanks for that explanation!

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    Re: First Call Horns

    First Call Horns is not great, but neither are any of the other brass libraries I have (Garritan JABB, Chris Hein, or Quantum Leap). My favorite is still an old CDRom called "Brass Super Section," but that one has problems as well. My purpose for brass libraries is jazz big band stuff and I'm coming around to the idea that it just isn't possible with samples.

    But First Call Horns is at least in the same league as the other major current libraries. Maybe not quite as good as JABB or Chris Hein's.

    My main reason for posting, though, is that I like Big Fish a lot as a company. They do have a lot of duds in their catalog, but there are some real winners as well that keep me buying many products from them every year. So maybe FCH is a problem as far as mutes listed, but I wouldn't avoid Big Fish.

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: First Call Horns

    I disagree - I think Quantum Leap (considering its age) is way better than FCH - admittedly there are holes in the library (notably no mutes on the trombone. JABB for me was a huge disappointment - apart from the drums possibly, but then I don't personally like the way the controllers work in this lib (or GPO).
    I thought Chris Hein was supposed to be better? The reason I haven't got it is because of the lack of instruments and again there seemed to be a lot of tweaking needed.
    I wonder if the (vaporware?) Fable Sounds lib will deliver....

    Regarding Big Fish though - as I mentioned I also bought the London Solo Strings, which again was disappointing. So, hopefully you understand my reason for my thoughts about them.

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    Re: First Call Horns

    The flugel in FCH is pretty sweet.

    Chris Hein has a nice Tenor Sax.

    No one particular library does it for me.

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