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Topic: Taming Michiel Post's Emperor

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    Question Taming Michiel Post's Emperor

    I bought the Emperor Piano by Michiel Post for Kontakt 2 and I like it very much except for the fact that sometimes it sounds too bright almost brittle.

    Any tips on the best way to make it less bright?

    So far I am using a lowpass and its ok, but perhaps one of Voxengo's plugins would be better like curve eq?

    Any help appreciated--I am looking for the *best* way to tame the high frequencies...


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    Re: Taming Michiel Post's Emperor

    You should definitely use a filter in Kontakt.. that's the only way to filter on a "per note" basis. If you try using an external filter, that's no better than simply trying to solve the problem with EQ. I have done a couple of presets myself for the Emperor, with dynamic filtering and a bit of extra work on the envelopes. Most of them also use Kornel's excellent Sympathetic Resonance Script of Emperor http://music.mezo.com/, so PM me, and if you already have that, I'll send a preset to you, or else I can send one with the script removed (which would be a pity.. it sounds great with the script! )
    (bedtime now, though )

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    Re: Taming Michiel Post's Emperor

    The best way to get what you want is to use Kontakt 2 advanced velocity scaling scripts.
    If the Emperor gets too bright for your taste it means that the piano responds to your playing with the loudest velocity layers.
    These were calibrated from real piano keyboard input (with coherent force-displacement) and what you need is an adjustment that makes the midi data from your keyboard trigger a little below the normal velocity.
    The picture below shows the K2 CHANGE Velocity -Curve script that helps you adjust it with the Slope control.
    An other script (Velocity Easy) would give you the same result.
    The advantage of using scripts above filtering is that no additional CPU is lost to process audio data that does not need processing. The filter would not give you a more realistic sound - it would simply make the sound muffled.
    The velocity scaling is a better way to achieve that playing loud on the keyboard results in a more mellow tone since it triggers the mellower layers instead of the brighter ones.

    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Taming Michiel Post's Emperor

    Thanks to Vic and Michiel for their helpful suggestions.

    Vic I tried your presets and they are very good.

    I don't know as much about Kontakt 2 as you, so what do those curves you have drawn near the "retrigger" area do exactly?

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    Re: Taming Michiel Post's Emperor

    By deduction, that question was for me
    They are envelopes, both applied to volume, resulting in an apparent longer "sustain" portion of the sound.
    For those interested, here's a quick example of the extent of the "damage" caused by the filters ...

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