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Topic: Harp packets in Cubase VST 4

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    Harp packets in Cubase VST 4

    Is there a tutorial available for people who use cubase vst 4 on how to use the harp packets? I'm having trouble with the harp glissando files that came on the fourth CD of GPO. I can import them into Cubase, but there is no midi keyboard data within any of the packets!? That is to say that when I import a certain scale of harp packets, no notes are inputed!

    Any help appreciated


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    Re: Harp packets in Cubase VST 4

    I'll bump this post with a second to Matt's confusion. I'm using Cubase SX3 and I'm totally lost re: the Harp Packets stuff.

    Muh? Guh? Buh? Wuh?


    (Help me, Jeebus!)

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    Re: Harp packets in Cubase VST 4

    Here are two threads that talk about this..
    Hopefully that will be directly useful to aellisdomposer (particularly the second link), but the first link should also give some practical help for using the packets in VST_4 too.

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    Re: Harp packets in Cubase VST 4

    Fantastic! Thank you very kindly vic_france!!


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