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Topic: Crietria for quality film music (advertising)

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    Crietria for quality film music (advertising)

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    My wife and I have been asked to be the judges in an Advertising Film Festival, we will be judging the musical components of the films/commercials.

    We have come up with some guidelines of our own, but would love to hear from some of you who do this for a living about what you think are the best ways to judge a commercial for it's musical content.

    Many Thanks!!

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    Re: Crietria for quality film music (advertising)

    Hey Dubai fox, here's some thoughts (though i don't make a living from it) :

    Does it offer the audience something to remember after watching the commercial?

    Does it get repetitive and annoying making you want to turn to a different channel each time it's aired?

    Upon hearing the music or sting again on its own, would it trigger an image of the product in the observers mind?

    Does it suit the product advertised? Was the music made more serious for an expensive luxury car or did they chose a piece more appealing to young people?

    Just my 2 cents
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