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Topic: Hybrid Piano Nr.4 direct download Too Small ??

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    Question Hybrid Piano Nr.4 direct download Too Small ??

    Michiel Post has made Hybrid Piano Nr.4 for Kontakt 2 available for direct download--which is great--but the website says its only 542.609 MB.

    However, the hybrid pianos pdf manual says it is 3.4 gigabytes:
    "HYBRID PIANO #4 Unlooped Body-less strings with Bosendorfer and Yamaha body characteristics. 20 velocity layers, 3.4 GB [gigabytes]."

    So my question, Michiel, is the download version the same as the 3.4 gigabyte version? Or is the download version a "light" version? I don't think 3.4 gb can be compressed to 542 mb.

    If it is a light version, how does it differ from the full version?


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    Re: Hybrid Piano Nr.4 direct download Too Small ??

    good question, but you need to be sleeping!


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    Re: Hybrid Piano Nr.4 direct download Too Small ??

    Good question but yes that is what WinRar is capable of!
    3.4 GB (1000 samples) are compressed to 555 MB. Factor 600%.
    The reason is very simple though: 24 bit wavefiles use most of their integer data for the huge amount of zeros. Audio data below, say 50% amplitude, which is the case in decaying piano notes, has audio values around or equal to zero. Upon compression these are easy to replace by shorter data strings. The uncompressed file is 100% identical to the original one that was compressed but the archive is 600% smaller.
    Great for downloads!!!!

    Hybrids 1, 2, 3 and 4 are now all on-line. Kontakt 2 version is already shown in our direct delivery store. The Giga3 version will be added very soon.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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