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Topic: 88-Key, Hammer-Action MIDI Controllers - Makin' a List

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    88-Key, Hammer-Action MIDI Controllers - Makin' a List

    I figure the hardware forum is a good place to start my hunt. I've received solid recommendations and assistance here while considering other purchases in the past... but always software, never hardware (of which I am exceptionally unknowledgeable).

    I feel you can only judge the "feel" of a keyboard for yourself by going out, and testing the damn thing. And that's what I aim to do.

    I don't need another synth. I have one - a Yamaha S80 (now defunct, I guess), but its action is terrific.

    So I'm looking to compile a list of worthy competitors to try out and compare. I really, really need a solid MIDI controller, which the S80 is not that great at... but I want to retain the excellent feel of a good hammer-weighted action.

    I've already tossed out the M-Audio KS Pro 88. Too bad... lots of controllers... but it feels funny to my fingers. I haven't tested out any others, but I aim to investigate the CME UF8, and some of the Studiologic stuff... nothing from Korg/Roland/Yamaha has caught my fancy.

    Again, I'd really like to avoid another expensive, feature-packed synth and instead focus on a mostly-hollow, controller-laden, hammer-weighted MIDI controller!!

    Anybody care to chime in? I've looked high and low and basically it seems to come down to CME or Studiologic, for my particular needs. But I will gladly give any other solid recommendations a shot at being added to my illustrious studio!


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    Re: 88-Key, Hammer-Action MIDI Controllers - Makin' a List

    It's a shame Yammie's P140;p120;p90 doesn't have mod/pitch wheels. I really love the piano action on those models. I suppose my favorite is the P250, which is somewhat expensive, but is a great controller. Sometimes the discontinued P200 shows up on Ebay in the $1200.00 US range, which would be an excellent choice, IMO.

    The RD 300 looks interesting, as well as the Motif 8.

    I used to have to have two controllers: one with the weighted piano action, and another with the synth-like action. The latter works best for me for strings and horns. But studio space and convenience have coerced me into just using one piano weighted controller, and for now it's the P250.

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    Re: 88-Key, Hammer-Action MIDI Controllers - Makin' a List

    A lot of times what happens is that when you deal with just a controller, and not a good synth as a controller , they are for the most part made pretty cheaply, and the 88 note piano keyboard versions are nothing more than the cheap model with an 88 note controller ... The CME seem's to have a good feature set , and the keyboard feels good on it ....It's also made of metal and the newer model will have motorized faders !!....
    You can also check out some electric piano's to see what they offer as far as controller features .....Roland usually come up with a decent sound set as well as a decent controller setup ....Check out the newer RD 300.....I'm not sure about the controller specs, but the piano sounds decent....I know you're not looking for a piano, but if the controler end of it is good, and you have a good sounding Piano , what the heck !!......Sorry I couldn't be more helpfull..Jim

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