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Topic: Rainy Afternoon

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    Rainy Afternoon

    Hey ya'll,

    It was a rainy day here in Memphis when I wrote this. It is for the piano, and since I am a guitarist, I am unable to play this for real. I entered it in my scoring program. Let me know if it actually sounds playable to you all. Anyway, I think it captures the vibe on this rainy day. If I am deluding myself, then let me know!! LOL

    Rainy Afternoon


    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: Rainy Afternoon

    A good mood study, Paul.

    And, yes, it's perfectly playable -- very easy, in fact, so have not worries, there.

    As for any emotive evocation, I generally don't comment much on that -- to me, music communicates ideas and emotions which words are unequipped to express.



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    Re: Rainy Afternoon

    Sounds playable to me. Of course I am not a fair judge since I have 88fingers and can play anything.....

    Sounds good. The reverb may be a hair muddy.
    (The Nut )


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