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Topic: Giga user considering Kontakt

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    Giga user considering Kontakt

    ...but being able to convert Giga files real well is a must.
    How is Kontakt in this department?
    Is there anything that doesn't convert well??

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    Re: Giga user considering Kontakt

    Hi Slinky,

    I moved from GS2.5 to K2 around June of 2005. I only converted a few GS instruments but I can tell you that it was far from flawless. Instruments that had a lot of keyswitches were not handled correctly and many of the more subtle envelope modulation parameters were just ignored, etc. This situation may improve with the next update since Garth has supposedly been slaving away at improving the translator. However, I would hasten to add that the subtleties of translation almost guarantee that you will have to do some manual tweaking. If you're hoping to just load an go with no discernable differences, I think you may be disappointed.

    Big Bob (aka Wonderful Bob)

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    Re: Giga user considering Kontakt

    I aggree, same here.
    And I found of that the converted instruments doesn't sound so well as in GS3.

    :-) Jovan
    the man with the blue guitar

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