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Topic: copyright

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    I am about to release some tracks I have written for commercial (film and TV) use. Could someone please advise me on where to look for comprehensive information regarding the use of commercial samples (including Garritan's) in composition? There seem to be some ambiguous areas regarding what can and cannot be used.

    The types of samples I am talking about are: (a) drum loops from commercial CDs and (b) sampled-by-note instruments such as in the Garritan libraries.

    Thankyou anyone for pointing me in the right direction.

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    Re: copyright

    You need to check the license agreements in the sleeve of each sample CD you own. Most are fine for use in anything, so long as you've paid the license fee, but some have specific restrictions. For instance I think VOTA had a restriction saying it couldn't be used for trailers, except where the trailer music was actually used in the film. If the license in the documentation isn't clear enough then try emailing the developer.

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