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Topic: Separating drums in RMX

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    Separating drums in RMX

    I'm fairly new to Stylus but I know the basics. My question is this:
    To get the most out of a mix I always have my kik, snare, hats and overheads on separate audio tracks so I can eq them separately, etc.
    What's the best way to do this in Stylus?

    Is it better to keep the drums as VI and not audio? If so, can I still somehow get them on separate trax to have more control over the mix?

    I know you can edit the singe midi track and pull out all the kicks, for instance, and paste into another midi track, but this is labor intensive.


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    Re: Separating drums in RMX

    Watch the "Edit Groups - Custom Groups" video tutorial.

    Shows you how to get more control over the stereo loops.

    Then I'd suggest watching the "Using Separate Outputs" and "Edit Groups - Going Deeper" videos...which will broaden your understanding even more. :-)

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    Re: Separating drums in RMX

    Perfect! I somehow missed the "Separated Out" video.
    Thanks alot.

    Great program, BTW.

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