I just got a second computer that I want to usefor GigaStudio.
Installed in it is an RME 9632 sound card.

My other computer, which has Cubase and other recording stuff installed, is hooked to a Delta 1010.

I dont have any converters other than those in the sound cards themselves but I do have a Kurweil Rumour which I've read has decent converters.

I also have a small Mackie mixer. I've never used the preamps as I have a couple John Hardy's and so use the Mackie simply for mixing in hardware synths.

I also have a standalone CDR.

Is the best way to go about hooking all this up to link both computers by MIDI and then run analog out from both sound cards to the mixer and then to on to the CDR? Or should I bypass the mixer altogether - and if so, what goes to what?

Thanks for your help.