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Topic: First Attempt at Violin...Gasp!

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    First Attempt at Violin...Gasp!

    Here is my first attempt using a violin - first rough cut - no harmonies or arranging yet - timing terrible - but I had fun. Running violin through some Waves plugins.

    Started out with track just with a melody and decided to try run it through the GPO violin later - When I go back to re-do, now that I've settled on the violin as the lead part, I will try to play the violin more like a violin.


    God bless

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    Re: First Attempt at Violin...Gasp!

    Not bad at all for a rough cut!

    I don't have the violin yet myself, so I'm afraid I can't make any suggestions, really... but I look forward to hearing the results after you have "fiddled" around with it for a while longer.
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    Re: First Attempt at Violin...Gasp!

    From your post I was thinking, gosh, time to get the earplugs... lol.


    This is lovely!

    Go finish it for us!

    My best,


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    Re: First Attempt at Violin...Gasp!

    Yes, it is worth finishing up. Would like to hear the violin a little more up front.
    (The Nut )


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    Re: First Attempt at Violin...Gasp!

    Nice. Which waves plugins did u use?

    Too much ambience for me, looking forward to a version with more wheeling.

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