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Topic: You guys are GOOD!!

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    You guys are GOOD!!

    I wanted to thank everyone here for getting me started in this new hobby. I wouldn't have made it through the technical bits of setting up the computer and getting everything working without this forum. Also I have visited many of the member websites. What an impressive group of talented musicians and composers.
    I occasionally post a song here, to the dismay of some I'm sure. I did a search for MCOFWIOPA (Musically Challenged Old Farts Who Insist On Playing Anyway) but didn't find any website so I'm afraid your stuck with me................... besides I think this forum can use a little comedic relief from time to time.

    Thanks again, Dave M

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    Re: You guys are GOOD!!


    This IS a great group. Many very talented people here... who have been around the music business long enough to deeply understand things.

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    I second this... that... what you said. Many, many very talented folks in these forums. The comrauderaury and support is first rate as well.


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