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Topic: N.I. Kontakt Experience DVD ?

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    N.I. Kontakt Experience DVD ?

    I bought Kontakt 2 and am wondering if the Kontakt Experience is the same samples that came with 2 or something additional. If they are additional, has anyone tried them and what do you think?
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    Re: N.I. Kontakt Experience DVD ?

    The Kontakt Experience is an additional sample DVD. It does a nice job of showcasing Kontakt 2's power (some patches utilize funky scripts and whatnot). I enjoy the dvd, it's got some nice pads and weird synths. It's cool but not a "must have" in my opinion. If you really want some bizarre electronic sounds and fx it might be right up your alley. You can hear a lot of the demo patches on the NI website. Right after I got Kontakt 2 in the mail I went sample library crazy and bought Kontakt Experience right away...I just wanted to have more sounds. However, I only seems to use on occasion.

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