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Topic: Intel Mac's

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    Post Intel Mac's

    Is anyone out there using one of the new Mac's w/Intel chips? I've been using a Blue and White G3 w/Sonnet G4 processor for a while and it's time for an upgrade. I am thinking of a new imac, but was worried that it might not have enough power for all of my programs.(RMX, GPO, VGEE, Kontakt2, DP4.61) to name a few. Not that these will all be running at the same time but with a few a procssor can get hammered pretty quickly. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Re: Intel Mac's

    one things for sure:
    by the time all those plug ins are running on Intel Macs the next generation of Macs will be available.

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    Re: Intel Mac's

    Power's not the problem. The Intel Mac's are stunningly fast and the increase from your current system will be huge. Even the iMac completely rocks for speed.

    The problem is music software compatibiity. Currently, the only thing on your list that will work at all on an Intel Mac is Stylus RMX.

    If you want stability and a variety of plug-ins to choose from (and who doesn't want this?), now is definitely NOT a good time to get an Intel Mac for serious music production.

    A G5-based Mac is the far better choice for music production in 2006.

    In 2007/2008, the situation will be much better and music producers will fully get the benefits of the new Intel Mac hardware....but this year will be filled with many compatibility, stability issues and delays of getting what you want to work in your new computer...it just comes with the territory of a new hardware platform like this. (Unless all you need is Logic or GarageBand, which are both working well of course)

    Check out our Intel Mac page for more info:


    Hope that's helpful.

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    Re: Intel Mac's

    What Hans said !

    Current G5 -Quad machines are on par with the fastest PC's out there (pretty much). That means enough power for 90% of your work (or mine for that matter).
    To use Macs with Intel chip on it - make sure that all your software has a x86 version before you make the purchase. I'm sure that about a year away till every developer makes Intel compatible Mac software.

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