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Topic: Hybrid 4 Samples have problems...

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    Unhappy Hybrid 4 Samples have problems...

    I just bought Michiel Post's Hybrid 4 piano for Kontakt 2 and some of the samples
    have problems. For example, take "hybrid 4 NL127_g4.wav". It has "garbage/static" at the
    end of the .wav file (see the screen shots below).

    What is really bad is that sometimes I hear this garbage/static when I play the piano--and that is not good. :-(

    Michiel could you please fix all the affected .wavs? Between this and the Holygrail issues I have been having nothing but problems... maybe a free Hybrid Nr.2 for Kontakt would heal my pain... :-)


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    Re: Hybrid 4 Samples have problems...

    The wavefile is fixed as well as a few others (127_g4, 127_a4 and 35_f6).
    Download the fix from http://www.postpiano.com/support/upd...204%20wavs.zip

    Possibly more will follow. Keep an eye on the update database at:
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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