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Topic: Which are your favourite free IRs?

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    Thumbs up Which are your favourite free IRs?

    I was wondering, exactly what free IRs are your favourites for orchestral music?

    For concert halls / "hollywood scoring stage"?


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    Re: Which are your favourite free IRs?

    personally I do prefer the "1200 seat modern concert hall" impulses available at noisevault.com (see under "real spaces" section). These are impulses from the modern Concertgebouw at Brugge. The greatest thing about them (beside the fact that they simply sound great) is that this set offers individual impulses for close and far mics as well as surround impulses.
    I think these are by far the best real impulses available for free.
    I did create a custom Gigapulse file using the close and far mics only, which works great. Check 'em out.


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    Blending far and close with 1200 seat modern concert hall" impulses?

    back in this thread again!

    The typical "Beat Kaufmann-setup" would use 3 depths instead of the 2 provided with the 1200 seat modern concert hall" impulses on noisevault.

    Can I blend somehow to create a third "middle" depth? How?


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    Re: Which are your favourite free IRs?

    Hi Johnny,

    back again too ;-)

    to create 3 (or even more) depths out of the 2 provided is a little bit tricky - but there are ways to do it. (Please remind that I'm not a Pro - especially not when it comes to all of this mixing stuff).

    Try the following:
    In case you're using Pristine Space, you can try to decrease the release times for instruments that are positioned in the 1st = front depth (like strings), and to play around with PS's EQ to darken the overall sound of the impulse for instruments which are positioned in the 3rd depth = back. (and - like Beat teaches in his tuts - EQing the instruments themself - especially woods/brass/percussion - which also adds "depth".
    For the 2nd depth = mid you would keep the impulse "as is".

    Again - I'm not an editing/mixing guru ;-)


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    Re: Which are your favourite free IRs?

    Hey theiss2003, nice to read you again!

    Thanx for the tips. I´m using Kontakts convolution fx, but I`m sure I can decrease the releasetail "manually" by editing the IR, shaping with envelope(?)? And eq:ing the far-IR would also be a solution.

    However, I would really be interested in a way of "blending" the two to get a "middle"-IR, since then, I think, I wouldnt "acoustically" have 2 "wall-depths" "behind me" if I shorten the close-IR releasetail, or 2 "wall depths" at the back of the concert hall (if I go with the eq the far-IR method).

    I´m sorry I can explain myself in a good way. But think like this: For the close and far IR instruments I will hear sound reflected from the four walls plus floor and ceiling. But Then I will suddenlly shrink the room for the extra depths. Or am I wrong? If I use different predelay settings for all the depths and "modified depths", maybe it´ll sound good? What sounds good, is good I guess. This is getting a little bit too mathematical for me hehe!

    Maybe someone can explain this to me.

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    Re: Which are your favourite free IRs?

    waves's IRs would be enough ~

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