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Topic: GigaStudio 3.1 and Logic 7.1 MIDI Sync Problems

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    GigaStudio 3.1 and Logic 7.1 MIDI Sync Problems

    Whenever I use Logic Pro 7.1 with GigaStudio 3.1 I get the error message: "Error while trying to synchronize audio and MIDI." Sometimes the message even specifies the sample rate that is in error (38871, etc.). I'm not sure where to troubleshoot this. I am using MIDI over Lan software to get MIDI from the Mac to the PC and I have an optical cable running from the digital Out port of my Mac audio box (Edirol UA-25) to the Digital In on the sound card in the PC (RME 96/8), which I'm told should keep the audio in both computers in digital sync (at 44.1). The audio Out from the RME card is connected to the digital In on the Edirol UA-25 by optical cable.

    In the Logic MIDI settings, under the sync settings, I have checked the Transmit MIDI clock to "All" devices. There are two other settings in this window which I don't understand and don't know what to do with:

    1) MIDI Time code-- Transmit MIDI Time Code

    2) MIDI Machine Control, which has two check boxes: "Transmit MCC" and "Listen to MCC Input"

    I have tried all manner of combinations of these settings, but still get the error message from Logic. After this error message pops up two or three times, I lose all the audio from the PC and get a perpetual static/hiss sound. Needless to say, this seriously interferes with my workflow.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions.



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    Re: GigaStudio 3.1 and Logic 7.1 MIDI Sync Problems

    Can you set your Edirol to "Internal sync" rather than external?

    I don't have this Edirol card, but my M-Audio card FW 410 had sync problems as well until I had the XP machine (with an Aardvark 24/96 soundcard) sync with the FW 410 on the Mac. So the XP machine follows the FW 410 card.

    IS there a setting to allow this?

    My Aardvark card (XP machine) is set to SPDIF so it must sync with the FW 410 via the SPDIF connection I have between the two.

    Hopefully that leads you in the right direction
    Steve Hanlon, guitarist/composer
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