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Topic: format conversions in K2

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    format conversions in K2

    I recently purchased K2 and want to import/convert several libraries I have in other formats (mostly Giga, some Akai, others).

    I was hoping the Gig conversions would go reasonably well, but on my first attempt converting KH Virtuoso library Giga format, all I got was an incomplete set of instruments and each spewed garbage.

    Any tips for sucessful conversions, especially with these formats?

    Input appreciated!

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    Re: format conversions in K2

    Try Chicken Systems Translator.

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    Re: format conversions in K2

    Try Chicken Systems Translator.
    The import/conversion facility in K2 is from Chicken Systems. There are still problems Chickensys is working on. That's also affecting the release of Translator for YT Independence. It's way behind schedule. Garth (Chickensys) has been apologizing for the delays for at least 4 months. Kontakt 2 appears to have priority

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    Re: format conversions in K2

    Contact Garth via the NI support form. He says that Giga imports should be working well, so he would be interested to know if you've found a library that doesn't import well.

    (Kirk Hunter's stuff is already available in native Kontakt format, so you could also go back to Kirk and ask for a crossgrade to the Kontakt format which would be already tweaked out for Kontakt.)

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