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Topic: Symphonics Orchestra Silver tips?

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    Symphonics Orchestra Silver tips?

    What things do i want to fiddle with to get realistic string sounds from Symphonics Orchestra Silver?

    How do i make it so strings start normal and then fade to vibrator or trills and stuff like that and change from fast attacks to nice mellow sounds using one intrument - do i do this by creating multis cause i think i've been doing my multis wrong.. when i make a multi i do it with different intruments inside each slot but should multies be for one type of instrument?

    thx for any questions answered and please give more tips if u think of any.

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    Re: Symphonics Orchestra Silver tips?

    Pfraser, I would start by reading comments/discussion in the
    EWQLSO forum (if you haven't done it yet) , e.g. the following thread

    In a nutshell:

    1. Silver (basic) has relatively limited variety of different nuances,
    this means more effecting/adjusting (both with the sampler and additional plugins) and editing work (and a more modest end result).

    2. Creating realistic (if this is your target) arrangements by using
    samples of classical instrument is a "state of art", which you
    learn only by doing, if you learn... A good advice: KISS (keep it simple),
    orchestra behaves differently than a piano keyboard, although your
    interface is probably a keyboard.

    3. If you have money + capacity in your DAW, buy the Gold Pro upgrade (I would if I had) and maybe some additional library from some other
    manufacturer, mix different samples, try to create 3-dimensional
    impression by blending different volumes/ambiences.


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