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Topic: more sibelius help please

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    more sibelius help please

    I'm just getting started with sibelius and i love the note input controls, but i can't seem to find a way to record velocities along with the note input. is this possible? please help

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    Re: more sibelius help please

    Turn on "live playback" in the play menu.

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    Re: more sibelius help please

    is that all it takes?
    I had it turned on and i was step-inputting with my controller, being sure to exaggerate the velocities, but when i played back, it was all the same.
    is there anything else i need to turn on?

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    Re: more sibelius help please

    You can view and edit the velocities. View>Live playback velocities.

    If you had live playback enabled when you recorded, it should work. Also, you may want to select some notes and go to properties and make sure in the playback section that live velocity is enabled. Maybe this got disabled somehow.

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    Re: more sibelius help please

    I believe, that unless you change the playback velocity with the LIve Playback, Sibelius uses default velocities associated with your dynamic markings. Have you used Expression text to input these?


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    Re: more sibelius help please

    no, i haven't used expressions.
    i'm talking about recording the velocity that i play on the keyboard(MIDI). I'm positive i did this with finale more than 1o years ago. i'm sure sibelius can do it. i just can't get it to work. if it's not a feature, it's a serious omission. IMHO

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    Re: more sibelius help please

    Are you using flexi-time input mode? I know this works since I do it all the time. But live velocities only get recorded in flexi-time input mode.

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    Re: more sibelius help please

    from what I know, and just checking my old Sib 2 manual [I do have Sib 4], if you are using step time input, this does not take any record of the velocity of the notes you are inputting, it just takes the information of what note you are playing on the midi keyboard, and puts it on the staff for you.
    To get the velocities of your performance, you need to use 'Flexi-time" input.
    This records all midi performance parameters such as the use of the pedal, velocity, and note length etc.
    I don't know what version of Sibelius you have. Do you telling me which one you have? I've had Sibelius versions right from Sibelius 2 to 4, and I don't thinki the difference from Sibelius 2 step input to Sibelius 4 step input has not changed.
    When you are playing back what you have recorded during "Flexi-time" input, you must make sure "Live Playback" is switched on also.
    I don't know if this helps, I'm just speaking from memory and also by having a quick look at the old Sib 2 manual.

    If you want to check the actual velocities of the notes you have played in, you can view them by switching on the view/live playbackvelocities, and you'll get the blue bars where you can zoom in and check the velocities, or switchin on the Properties window - window/properties/playback, and select the note and all of the properties of the note - velocity, live start position/duration etc will come up and you can view these on this, and also make changes manually yourself.

    If this is not helpful, please let us know, and see if we can help you out again. You can also create your own velocities for the notes, if you haven't inputted them yourself through live playback. If you'd like to know, let me know and I'll try and explain.
    best regards,


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    Re: more sibelius help please

    thanks everyone for all of your help. i really appreciate it.
    i'm beginning to think that i can't do what i want to do.
    i think i might have to go back to Finale. I got sibelius when i switched to OSX to save a little money and because i never really used finale that much anyway, but when i did use it, i'm positive that i was able to record note velocities with the step input. that's all i want to do.
    thanks again. i'll keep trying, and then maybe i'll stop.

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    Re: more sibelius help please

    That is the entire point of flexi-time input/quantization. Sibelius has always done this--even Sib 1.
    If you're talking about rhythmic manipulation during normal input (which I think is usually a bit faster anyway), you change the note duration with the keypad, then play the note on your keyboard.

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