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Topic: Moving GPO samples and some to D drive?

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    Question Moving GPO samples and some to D drive?

    When I initially installed GPO I had one 80 gig drive, "C". After time I installed another 80 gig drive "D" with the intention of using this drive for samples. How do I move GPO and JABB samples to the "D" drive without screwing everything up as I normally would without advice? So far, I have Diva samples on the "D" drive and GOS samples. Is moving GPO and JABB samples to "D" doable?
    I apologize for the ignorance but hey, it's me we're talking about here not Tom.
    I would greatly appreciate any expert help.

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    Re: Moving GPO samples and some to D drive?

    I don't see why it shouldn't be possible. In the Kontakt Player Options you just select the new path to the GPO/JABB Library. If you have old notation program/sequencer files with embedded GPO/JABB data, you may be asked to search for the samples when you open these files. Just let the Player do an autosearch, and after everything has been loaded resave the file with the new data.

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