I have some problems with Gigastudio not finding my midi-inputs!

My current software is consisting of Cubase and Gigastudio. My current Hardware is the RME Hammerfall and as midi-interface I go with a M-audio Midisport 2x2. The drivers are fine and installed like drivers usualy do when using WinXP Pro sp2.

Then I install Cubase. The midi and audio interfaces are all shown like they should. Then I install Gigastudio. Now is where it all goes out of order! In the Gigastudio system settings dialog I can only find "none" as the midi-input interface. Also under Cubase my midi-inputs are now only "All midi inputs" and "Gigaport 1-8".

In my Windows XP settings for witch audio and midi interface to use as standard input/output there is The RME card and GIGASTUDIO PORT 1-8. Nothing else.

So I check my midi interface again for malfunctions or the need to update. No. My drivers are fine! So I UNINSTALL Gigastudio I can again find the M-audio Midisport 2x2 A and B ports in Cubase!

Please help me.