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Topic: GPO Update and X-custom question

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    GPO Update and X-custom question

    Hi everybody,

    since this is nearly my first post here I want to thank Gary Garritan and his team for their products ... and also the many users that support this living composition scene. I have been waiting a long time for affordable audioable composition tools and am looking forward to the impact to music development this community will give.

    That said, I have some technical problems with my X-custom files. Basically the Kontakt slider for the cc01 modwheel control works the other way round as it should be. The most effect can be heard with -100 %. Unfortunately the sound is worse than with positive slider values - which I obviously only can test if I am wheeling my modwheel upside down.

    I think it has nothing to do with my keyboard since I hear the same using the automatic hairpin dynamics in Overture.

    Maybe this has something to do with my update path? I purchased my GPO second hand (the former user did only use it in demo mode and I registered it with my name now), so it was an old group buy version. I updated the x-custom files and installed the 2005 update (17 MB) with Kontakt But maybe there went something wrong?

    These are the data of my current files:
    \instruments\8. Section Strings\1. Violins 1\Vlns 1 KS ... 32 KB, 14.06.2005

    This file will work as it should with the modwheeling but the Kontakt Slider has not affection to the sound. As it should be.

    \instruments\X-Custom\8. Section Strings\1. Violins 1\Vlns 1 KS Combo .. 45 KB 19.10.2004

    This is one of the files with the problems. Am I having the last version?

    Thank you

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