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Topic: my first ever GPO...

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    my first ever GPO...

    Hey everyone, i made a smalldemo of a strings dominated song with a harp accompanying. I've only really gotten serious with music for alittle less than a year so it's very short, not complete, nor good. I just want to make sure i'm on the right path. I could only host it on megauploadso if you dont wanna download it then that fine. Thanks everyone.


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    Re: my first ever GPO...

    Hi - I couldn't get your link to work. Could you test it? Don't want you to think no one tried to listen. I'm sure it's a good piece.


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    Re: my first ever GPO...

    i gotta find a better way to host it haha.

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    Re: my first ever GPO...

    I tried to listen to this as well, but -- the link doesn't work, of course.

    Catch up with you when you get it figured out...!



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    Re: my first ever GPO...

    Here's a link that will work:


    (n3wman918 mailed me the song and I uploaded it on my server)

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    Re: my first ever GPO...

    sounds cool as a first try! There has to be more to this riiiight
    Ke Yang (OMG I'm using mah name)
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    Re: my first ever GPO...

    Oh my gosh! You're on the right track!!

    Please, please, please provide the rest of the composition. What little you share most certainly left me wanting to hear more!!

    Nice start!! Would love to hear the rest!!!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: my first ever GPO...

    thanks for the comments and yes i'm working on it much more. I have trouble adding to a song after i've established the melody and I can't seem to build off it too well.

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    Re: my first ever GPO...

    Oh come on !!! We need to hear more than that of such a fine piece!!!
    Sounds like you've got a good start with GPO. Looking forward to hearing more.
    (The Nut )


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