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Topic: OT - Also Redesigned MY website

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    OT - Also Redesigned MY website

    Sean and I must be on the same wavelength, because I've also been redesigning my website for a few days.

    I finally buckled down and read some books on (X)HTML and CSS, and did the whole thing in a text editor--it's amazing how much more control I have this way (my old site was a mish-mash of WSIWYG jumble and trial-and-error hand-tweaking).

    I'm officially a computer nerd now. Woo hoo.

    Anyway, comments/criticism are welcome--let me know if there are any errors or newbie-ish mistakes:



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    Re: OT - Also Redesigned MY website

    Looks good. What books did you use?


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    Re: OT - Also Redesigned MY website

    I like how you don't have to scroll down the whole page, just the window in the table. Cool...How'd you do that?


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    Re: OT - Also Redesigned MY website

    Looks great! Using CSS is great, isn't it? But HTML and CSS can be frustrating, especially with evil tables. Nice work! It's spring cleaning for websites this month.
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    Re: OT - Also Redesigned MY website

    Quote Originally Posted by rwayland
    Looks good. What books did you use?

    My main resource is Elizabeth Castro's "HTML For the World Wide Web (with XHTML and CSS), 5th ed."

    I would highly recommend this book. I spent an hour in Barnes and Noble looking through all of the HTML books, and settled on this one. A lot of the beginner books are filled with too much fluff--it takes 2 chapters to learn a topic that could be presented in 1 efficient page. And the other books were not very practical--tons of reference material but not a lot on how to use it properly.

    The Castro book is great -- it's set up like a reference book, but in a step-by-step sort of way. Most topics are presented in one or two well-laid out pages--very good, clear explanations and examples without too much "hand-holding." You can read it from front to back (which is what I did) and get a very good sense of how everything works together, and then go back and use it as a reference when you're coding. It also has appendices where you can find lists of HTML and CSS parameters and what they do.

    I also got "CSS in Easy Steps," which I think is published by Barnes and Noble--it's in a series of $9.95 "Easy Steps," and it seems very good. But the Castro book covers a lot of CSS, so you don't necessarily need this book.


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    Re: OT - Also Redesigned MY website

    Quote Originally Posted by Drumroll
    I like how you don't have to scroll down the whole page, just the window in the table. Cool...How'd you do that?

    *EDITED - My previous instructions were wrong!*

    It's pretty easy -- just define the height and width of the box you want the text in, and put "overflow:auto" in the style sheet, and it will automatically use a scrollbar if your content exceeds the size. Even if you don't know much about external CSS, it's easy enough to stick it right into your html file:

    Put this in the head of your page:

    <style type="text/css">
    div.scroll { width:200px ; height:200px ; overflow:auto}

    (this tells the browser that any division of the page with the class "scroll" will have a scrollbar if it needs one. You can change the height and width to your liking).

    Then just find the text you want to scroll, and surround it with
    <div class="scroll"> and </div> -- that's all there is to it, I think. You can get more advanced if you know a lot about CSS, but this will do the trick.

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    Re: OT - Also Redesigned MY website

    The new site looks great. Castro's book is the one I always recommend to people starting out (and it certainly goes beyond just "starting out"). But then again I'm a big fan of the Peachpit Press books.

    CSS is awesome. For a look at just how powerful it can be check out http://www.csszengarden.com/ and click the different designs on the right.


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