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Topic: Finale 2006 & GPO

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    Finale 2006 & GPO

    Has anyone upgraded Finale 2006 with the additional samples from Garritan? I was wondering how well they work with Finale and if there are any memory issues. I am pushing the limits now with the regular GPO that comes with Finale 2006. I ask because I would love to add a more extensive percussion sampling.

    Where are the Saxophones? I don't want to buy JABB just to add saxes. An orchestra does use saxes.

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    Re: Finale 2006 & GPO

    I have, and I've never looked back.....

    You really need at LEAST 1gb free ram - I have Win XP Pro on a 1.3ghz machine with 1.5gb at home, and it can usually handle most anything I throw at it. For those really hirsute scores, I render at church, where I have a 2.2ghz with 2gb... it gobbles down the complex scores with nary a peep of protest.

    I imagine that saxes might find their way into GPOA (although I have no firm assurance of that). Having said that, my short exposure to JaBB has already made me a firm believer... it is worth the investment.

    Also, if you use the "Notation" version of the full GPO instruments, they work with Finale just fine.

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    Re: Finale 2006 & GPO

    Quote Originally Posted by giwro_jon
    For those really hirsute scores...


    As Jonathan notes, memory is really the more important consideration.

    Although I recently upgraded to a fairly hefty box, prior to that I was running Finale 2006c with full GPO/Finale with only 1G RAM... which was just a little too light for the load when doing fairly fully scored pieces.

    If at all possible, my own experience says total system RAM at 2G is highly desirable... though if you're careful about clamping down all the junk processes on your system, I think you'll see very fine performance in most cases on 1.25-1.5G RAM or so. (Naturally, it depends on how heavily you're scoring.)

    That's a key point, by the way. I routinely see systems loaded down with needless junk that runs up RAM consumption to 0.5G and more with the system at idle. Probably the very first step anyone should take if they're running into RAM issues is to clean the trash of their system.


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