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Topic: Hostile Intent Menu Music Version1

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    Hostile Intent Menu Music Version1


    Hey this is my first piece that Ive posted on these forums. I hope you'll take the time to listen to it.

    This piece is hopefully going to be used for the half-life source mod, hostile intent.... But its still the first version and the levels need a bit of tweaking.

    I'm going to be making a few more pieces based upon the main theme you can hear at the beginning.

    Comments are welcome.

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    Re: Hostile Intent Menu Music Version1


    I don't know why nobody answered so far since I think it is quite good - especially for a first post!

    I think I heard some clipping in the mix, and the cymbals stick a little out for me, as well as the snare. Strings are a little flat to me. The last note in the timpani seems to be a little out of tune.

    Other than that a very promising piece. I listened to Valley of the King on your site and that is in another league already than this one - composition- and soundwise on a good learning curve.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Hostile Intent Menu Music Version1

    Hi Hannes,

    Thanks for your comments!

    I definitely agree that the mix is far from perfect, but since writing this piece I have learned a few techniques to improve the overall sound quality of a piece.
    This piece was going to be used for a half-life 2 mod, but some of the old team I was in contact with left the mod, and new people have stepped in. Basically I'll probably have to re-apply for the position of soundtrack composer.

    About that timpani note, it is possible I put in a flat or sharp note. Sometimes when in a rush, it is hard to know exactly what note (by ear, not music reading) has just been written in. Thanks for pointing this out, I'll double check it. If you're right then all I can say is you have an almost inhuman musical ear! (I use the word inhuman as a compliment!)



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