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Topic: Echo 5.02 driver configuration?

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    Echo 5.02 driver configuration?

    Is there anyone out there that is having any success with the Echo 5.02 driver running with Giga 1.6. I can\'t seem to get this setup to function properly. Whenever I load various instruments into Giga such as maybe bass on midi channel 1, Piano on midi channel 2, guitar on midi channel 3, etc., launch cakewalk 9.0 and select gigasampler endless wave for each midi channel, all I hear is the voice assigned to midi channel 1 regardless of the track which I am actively using. I have disenabled directsound and selected multiclient for my darla card and have all giga sounds selected to be routed through outputs 1 and 2. It seems as if this should work but alas all I hear is the voice assigned to midi channel 1 on all other channels. Hmmm? Any suggestions?


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    Re: Echo 5.02 driver configuration?

    Never mind. I was having a brain cramp. I worked it out and everything is groovy (smile). Thanks anyway.


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    Re: Echo 5.02 driver configuration?

    I\'m glad you got your head back in shape, but mine\'s still in a knot. Could you tell me what you did? I\'m a novice at midi recording and can use all the help I can get. I\'m running the same software config. except I have a layla.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Echo 5.02 driver configuration?

    My problem wasn\'t even a soundcard issue. I was forgeting to create a new cakewalk file type such as 16 multitrack. With the Echo cards all you have to do is disenable directsound in your Layla configuration. Also select multi-client. In Giga configuration select Layla and you have the option of selecting your outputs. I know that this description sounds kind of vague. I would be glad to go through it with you step by step but I no longer have the Darla card and what have told you is from fading memory. I only had the card for a couple of days and had latency problems. I like my little Yamaha soundcrown much better.
    Be sure to use 5.02 along with Giga 1.6.

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