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Topic: Problem with Delta66, but Layla was ok

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    Problem with Delta66, but Layla was ok

    I have a machine that I earlier ran GigaStudio with a Laya24 card with no problems.

    I then removed the Layla card and replaced it with a Delta66 and did a new install of the OS and GS.

    GS starts but then complains it did not start properly and do I want to start in diagnostic mode?

    If I say no, I can seemingly run the program but without any sound. Obviously something didn't load.

    If I look at the diagnostic report, everything looks ok until the end where it attempts to load a driver and fails: it mention startdriver() and startservice() failed. It appears to be referring to GP2MPM, which is mentioned in the line above.

    Also once I got a blue screen error: Driver_Irql_not_less_or_equal - nstation.sys.

    Of course I am using the latest Delta drivers.

    I have seen mention of problems like this on the web, but with no answers as to how to solve them - except to try to reinstall, again.

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    Re: Problem with Delta66, but Layla was ok

    I may be wrong that it is GP2MPM that is the problem; maybe it is nstation, because that is what the bluescreen error mentions.

    I took a look at my other machine that is running GS nicely with the Layla, and the diagnostic report has more errors than the machine with the Delta66. There are several places it where starts a driver but then it seems it can't create the service or start the service.

    What is going on? Is there a guide to understand these diagnostic reports?

    I guess as long as it says: "driver x loaded", that is fine; and if a service fails, who cares?

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    Re: Problem with Delta66, but Layla was ok

    I'm having the same problem with my Delta 192 ...I'll let you know.

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    Re: Problem with Delta66, but Layla was ok

    O.K. could never install it and at the end i could not even unistall it a freaking nightmare...and when i try to reinstall my Mia(echo) witch use to work(but would not reconnize output 1/2...crap crapc..) i got the same problem i had with my delta 192 ...Now i have to reinstall windows...that's great..f...f...f....

    Sorry but i hade sooo many troule with audio card/giga....

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    Re: Problem with Delta66, but Layla was ok

    I've manage to install the M-audio delta 192, here is how i did it: #1 i pulled off my MIA(Echo) card,#2 replace it with the Delta, #3 a new windows install and that did the trick...well almost...i seem to have access to only 1/2 out, the rest doesn't work but i have sound and that will have to do i gess...i let you know if i fix this.

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