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Topic: "Hip Hoppin' Grasshoppers" - by Jack de Mello

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    "Hip Hoppin' Grasshoppers" - by Jack de Mello

    Jack de Mello, a well-known and extraordinay composer, has written a harp piece called "Hip Hoppin' Grasshoppers". The GPO harp was featured.

    Hip Hoppin' Grasshoppers


    Jack de Mello has an amazing and fascinating career. Jack also composed and orchestrated music for Hanna Barbera for the Flintstones, the Jetsons, Magilla Gorilla, Top Cat and Ricochet Rabbit. He served as musical director of NBC in San Francisco and has composed nearly 500 commercials and jingles over the years

    Jack recorded close to 160 albums of all types of music in some of the best studios around the world (including Decca Studios in London, Barclay Studios in Paris, RCA in Rome, major studios in Hollywood, New York, and Chicago). He recorded, arranged and popularized Hawaiian music and his arrangements have been performed by the London Philharmonic, the Tokyo Symphony, the Victor Concert Orchestra and the NHK Orchestra among others.

    It is an honor to have Jack compose a work with the GPO Harp. This is a piece I hope to play on my own harp.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: "Hip Hoppin' Grasshoppers" - by Jack de Mello

    This is really nice. I like the percussive sounds bouncing back and forth. It is great to have a piece like this written and presented by such an outstanding composer. Well, I'm outstanding too but it's usually out standing in the rain somewhere.

    Thanks Gary for bringing Jack de Mello's music to our Forum. And THANKYOU Jack.

    Gary, when you've practiced this enough, I'll run around and play the hopping percussion part to make it fit in the stereo field correctly.
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    Re: "Hip Hoppin' Grasshoppers" - by Jack de Mello

    Great to see some of Jack's work in the forum once again!

    Some lovely harp writing in this!



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    Re: "Hip Hoppin' Grasshoppers" - by Jack de Mello

    Thank you Gary for posting this,

    Jack, you still got it!


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