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Topic: HOLBERG: Chamber String Orchestra Sound!

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    Lightbulb HOLBERG: Chamber String Orchestra Sound!

    The Prelude of "Holberg" Suite, by E. Grieg...
    Holberg Suite Prelude

    ...is one of my favorite for string orchestra. Fast bouncing repetitions, strong bow attacks, sweet "divisi" portato and legato, fast runs, "pizzicato", heavy "tutti" and wide "crescendo". A real challenging gym for chamber string orchestration.

    I don't know if it's a good rendition, and I let you comment about, as I would like to know if you are able of recognizing the sound libraries used to make it.

    Please let me know....

    P.S. a dry-ed version for more defined sound check:
    Holberg Suite low reverb version

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    Re: HOLBERG: Chamber String Orchestra Sound!

    I would be the least likely to know which libraries... but would be very interested in finding out. Chamber Strings are of a particular interest to me.

    Guessing Garritan Stradivari on the violin.

    Very nicely done, and enjoyable to listen to.

    Is this using K2 scripts?

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    Re: HOLBERG: Chamber String Orchestra Sound!

    I love that music and i also love VSL chamber strings probably VSL VI right? i tough i hear some ''piano'' portamento, Good work, a lot of programming he? But a little to much reverb for my taste and because of that we loose definition in the mix like in the descent i could barely hear the violas and cello but still, good work. How long did it take you?

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    Thumbs up Re: HOLBERG: Chamber String Orchestra Sound!

    Great Fabio!!!
    I really like it!
    I am not able to recognized the library (S) you used, but Garritan maybe is the answer?

    I agree with Geronimo, maybe a little bit less reverb would be better!!!
    But Anyway great sounds!!

    Let us know, please!!


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    Smile Re: HOLBERG: Chamber String Orchestra Sound!

    A first set of answers, thanks for listening to my work:

    - Yes it is based on K2 scripts for most effects. But not only.

    - Yes quite a lot of programming, but easy to do thanks to the power of tools used. They don't work automatically anyway, a "musical mind" must be the driver. It's my role in the work...

    - Yes probably the reverb is too wet somwhere. I will try to reduce it.

    - It's the result of more or less 6 hours of work

    About libraries, of course I will let you know, but later, to keep it interesting for more people. Please come back on the thread....

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    Re: HOLBERG: Chamber String Orchestra Sound!

    Yes! don't keep us waiting!!!...and yes, solo stradivari it is, i think .

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    Wink Re: HOLBERG: Chamber String Orchestra Sound!


    Solo Stradivari Violin is one of the sounds.

    And the others? any suggestion?

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    Cool Re: HOLBERG: Chamber String Orchestra Sound!

    Quote Originally Posted by awpmusic
    Kirk Hunter's Emerald Chamber Strings?
    YES, another sound is: Chamber violins, short det, with round-robin, for fast repetitions of Violins I and Violins II "tutti".

    Some other very effective sound source is used. Any suspect?

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    Cool Re: HOLBERG: Chamber String Orchestra Sound!

    Quote Originally Posted by awpmusic
    come on Fabio - don't keep us guessing - I've been thinking of getting Chamber Strings - so this could clinch it!!
    I should recommend it, if the quality of the other sections will be the same of the good violins that Kirk has included for free in the Emerald SO.

    The overall quality of KH Emerald SO is already good, and it is under further development for the necessary refinement, as for new programming.

    I suppose then that Chamber strings will be interesting.

    I still use an unexpensive, but very powerful tool, the ensamble maker of GPO, for chamber music.
    In the demo, I use it for the creation of other sections, enriched by articulations of the string sections of Emerald, with some simple additional programming of K2 for better control.

    (KH is providing with an excellent via-velocity control of dynamics, but I like a continous controller, like cc#11 or cc#1, to refine dynamic and/or timbre after attack, to add expression and variation).

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    Re: HOLBERG: Chamber String Orchestra Sound!


    I also re-program KH Emerald with extra controllers. Mentioned to Kirk Hunter at NAMM that he needs to use CC11 for expression so CC7 can then be used as a gain control.


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