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Topic: Trouble keeping Sonar 4 midi/audio in sync

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    Trouble keeping Sonar 4 midi/audio in sync

    This is probably a hard question to answer but I'll try to give as much info as I can:

    I'm using Sonar 4 and Kontakt 2 VSTPlugin. I have a midi file open and I'm recording audio from Kontakt to an audio track.

    The problem is, every now and then the audio doesn't line up with the MIDI. It gets off by half a second or so. Thus, when I go to mix all the tracks, some of the instruments are off beat.

    Is this normal or do you think I have something configured wrong?

    I have no idea how to diagnose this problem


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    Re: Trouble keeping Sonar 4 midi/audio in sync

    Thought I'd give a little more info,

    My soundcard is a Creative Audigy 2 and Sonar is in WDM mode.

    From what I've read the problem is probably latency and there's more info on that topic on the web than I'd care to read about.

    Does that sound like what this problem is (recording midi to audio and then the audio not lining up with the midi you just recorded)?

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    Re: Trouble keeping Sonar 4 midi/audio in sync

    I've used Sonar 3, and now v5, with Kontakt and never had a timing issue as you described at all. But I have fallen out of sync if I don't pay sufficient attention to my midi tempo maps in Sonar.

    I'm not tech smart, but I'd guess it's pilot error relating to how you're dealing with your midi tracks. And I doubt it's a driver issue. Latency only comes into play when you need real-time performance. Once you've got your audio/midi laid out, it shouldn't make any difference.

    But if recording live, to my ears you need a latency of > 10 ms, or better if your computer can handle it.

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    Re: Trouble keeping Sonar 4 midi/audio in sync

    Whenever I use Sonar with an NI instrument (which isn't my most common usage) I find they work better together if Sonar is using WDM for its audio i/o while the NI istruments are using ASIO.


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    Re: Trouble keeping Sonar 4 midi/audio in sync

    Thanks for the replies,

    I have no doubts it's something I'm doing wrong. Some setting or ...I don't know... something! lol

    I'm just at a loss to what it might be. Some times it records just fine and other times the audio doesn't record in sync... or rather it doesn't play back in sync! I guess I really can't tell which one it is.

    I'm still playing around with it. Any ideas are welcome.

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    Re: Trouble keeping Sonar 4 midi/audio in sync

    Are you recording other audio with no problem, i.e. do you know this is strictly Kontakt related? I used to have the same problem in Sonar 3 with audio not syncing to MIDI at all and it was entirely because my system couldn't keep up. I'm not sure if the Audigy really has the specs for Sonar (it might). But a somewhat faster machine (a 2.2Ghz, actually) and a Audiophile 24/96 have solved all my sync issues.

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    Re: Trouble keeping Sonar 4 midi/audio in sync

    Nothing else running on the machine, not even Norton.

    I got AMD Athlon 64 4000+ w/ 2gb cosair ram... it's not my machine specs.

    I don't think it has a thing to do with Kontakt either. I've had this problem just recording from soundfonts before. Just not this frequently.

    No clue what's causing it. Seriously considering an Audiophile card though since I know the Audigy isn't really meant for this kind of stuff.

    This is really my "gaming" machine. Don't have a dedicated recording machine... yet

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    Re: Trouble keeping Sonar 4 midi/audio in sync

    Yeah, I think quite possibly the Audigy just can't process audio fast enough to keep up with the MIDI side for some reason- that was my problem. Just nosing around some reviews it sounds like it ought to be up to the task though. Are you runing it with an ASIO driver or are you running audio out of Sonar through Window's Sound Mapper?? 'Cause that ain't no good. No doubt your PC isn't the problem

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    Re: Trouble keeping Sonar 4 midi/audio in sync

    Sonar is running in WDM audio. I've tried ASIO but can't seem to find the right Audio input to record from :/

    (there's like a list of 20 of them)

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    Re: Trouble keeping Sonar 4 midi/audio in sync

    Hmmm. I don't know jack about WDM but I really bet getting ASIO running would solve everything! Creative Labs surely has a forum somewhere that would sort you out.

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