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Topic: Free solo stopped horn

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    Free solo stopped horn

    Everyone needs a solo stopped ff horn from time to time, right? Here ya go:

    This instrument, and the samples contained within, are completely royalty-free. I'm just sharing the love! Please read the copyright info on the page for more details. You are free to use these in commercial work, no problem.

    It has simple programming, just the samples mapped and tuned. I did this so people can easily translate it into their sampler format of choice without suprises. If anyone can translate it into Kontakt etc, please contact me and I will put that version up as well. Screw the fancy stuff... just translate the mapping and let people program it how they want it!

    !!These are not in any way intended to compete with commercial libraries!! Sometimes they aren't chromatically sampled, or they have some grunge, keys clicks, etc, but if you ask me, it just adds character!

    The idea here is to make available some less commonly sampled articulations, such as EXTREME pppp dynamics, mutes, crazy glissandos, or whatever.
    All of the samples are completely dry, so load up a nice reverb before auditioning.

    More to come very soon!

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    Re: Free solo stopped horn

    Good idea thank you, this articulation does not exist in any actual library ( ?) but Xsample (but for some mysterious reason there is no stacc).

    But it's impossible to downoald it, maybe a server problem.

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    Re: Free solo stopped horn

    Ouch! As soon as I put this link up the server got absolutely hammered!
    I have temporarily removed the files until I find somewhere else to host them. I was just about to upload trumpet pedal tones too!

    Maybe someone with more bandwidth will offer to host the site? (hint, hint)

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    Re: Free solo stopped horn

    How much bw are we talking about?

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    Re: Free solo stopped horn

    I guess it would depend on how many people downloaded them...
    Maybe there would be some way to put a cap on simultaneous downloads, so people couldn't swamp the site.

    I don't know a lot about hosting and how much it costs. I can probably pay for some hosting if it's not a fortune.

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