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Topic: I need some iso-box help

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    I need some iso-box help

    I had a friend who is a master cabinet maker build for me a studio iso-box/rack/desk. It's just about finished today and it's incredible.

    Here's where I need your help, not being an electronics guy. I'm cooling the box much like Isoraxx does theirs. Thus I have two PC-type quiet fans to do the job. Problem is I need to power them. I could use a standard computer power supply, but that seems like real overkill since I'm only powering two 12 volt fans and nothing else. Plus the PS would add even more fan noise.

    What's the best way to power just two 12 volt fans? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: I need some iso-box help

    I'd look around the house for a wall wart power supply that's for an obsolete or broken product. Most show the voltage on the package. Anything between 5V and 12V should do. Connect the fans in parallel.

    If the voltage is too low, the fans might not start. If the voltage is too high, they'll be noisy, fast and might burn out. If the voltage is aboe 12V, try the fans in series.

    If you don't have an old wart, you might be able to buy one at Radio Shack. Or buy some crummy product, and keep only the PS.

    Best of luck!


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    Re: I need some iso-box help

    I ran jumpers out of my main PC to the fans on my quiet box - works a charm...
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    Re: I need some iso-box help

    Both brilliant suggestions. Big thanks, guys!!

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