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Topic: Beethoven Pastoral Symphony 1st movement

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    Beethoven Pastoral Symphony 1st movement

    my favorite beethoven symphony, and one of my all time favorite pieces of music - beethoven's 6th is one example of high art which immediately comes to mind...i did this about a month ago - this is my first attempt at rendering a classic - i know some of it can be better, but other projects were calling

    Beethoven 6th, 1st mv.

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    Re: Beethoven Pastoral Symphony 1st movement

    Bravo! Wonderful Job. Excellent tempi and dynamics and the winds are especially well rendered. I can hear that this is indeed your favorite Beethoven. It shines through in your superb interpretation.
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    Re: Beethoven Pastoral Symphony 1st movement

    This symphony was just on the radio today... so it's fresh in my mind.

    Great work! This is wonderfully rendered! Bravo! It is a pleasure listening to your fine work.
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    Re: Beethoven Pastoral Symphony 1st movement


    This is glorious! Nice job on this Beethoven classic! We appreciate all of the work that you did.

    Beethoven is the greatest symphonist of all time, in my humble opinion.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Thumbs up Re: Beethoven Pastoral Symphony 1st movement

    The rendering of a whole symphony 1st tempo, (even if simple like Ludwig's 6th) is a huge work. The overall result is then in your actual version excellent, even if you are of course not yet satisfied with it.

    Winds are already very good, may be strings can be refined for better expression or realism. The use of sounds is quite balanced and well done anyway.

    I join my friends in sending you congratulations.

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    Re: Beethoven Pastoral Symphony 1st movement

    Congratulations Josh! You captured this 99.9% perfectly....It must have been a huge amount of work.....but something to be proud of!

    I know the piece pretty well (Beethoven DID knock out a few good tunes didn't he?) and would have spotted variations from the norm but they're extremely few and far between and I think that you'd get more variation between conductors and orchestras!! You have captured all the nuances just so!

    What reverb did you use, the 'recording' has a very natural, real feel to it.

    This is one of the most accurate renditions of a classic that I've heard.

    Thanks for the listen.


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    Re: Beethoven Pastoral Symphony 1st movement

    Excellent job on this, Josh!

    Though perhaps a bit strict for my more liberal style, this is an excellent interpretation, including the trickier parts. I've conducted this with regional orchestras, and though it may be "pastoral", it's more of a challenge in places than one might think.



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    Re: Beethoven Pastoral Symphony 1st movement

    thank you, everyone, for listening - bill, sean, larry, fabio, frank and david! maybe when i get some more time, i'll revamp this project and really nail it, and maybe add some more nuance, just for you, david

    frank, the reverb i used (or tried to use ) was sir1011 with the concertgebouw impulse - it was my first attempt using an impulse, so my use of it was experimental - i need to read more on how to utilize it more effectively

    thanks people,

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