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Topic: A question for all you pro's

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    A question for all you pro's

    I received this email today, can anyone help?

    "I am a student and I am producing a 60 minute TV drama for my final project (on paper only). I am putting together a budget and a schedule and I was wondering if you could provide me with a rough quote for the price of a composer for a tv drama on a daily or weekly basis.

    The drama I am producing is the BBCs 'our friends in the north'.

    Am I right in thinking that the fee that the composer receives also covers a copyright agreement with the production company?

    Any quote/advice you can give me will be of great use."

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    Re: A question for all you pro's

    Well, I don't have an answer, but I am pleased to see you are here again. I have not seen a post by you in a long while, and wondered what had happened to you.


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    Re: A question for all you pro's


    Thanks for the comments. I've been going through a time of major change but I'm back and firing on all cylinders again, despite the slightly flaky wireless network connection.

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