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Topic: OT: Your Orchestra

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    OT: Your Orchestra

    hey guys i'm very curious of which orchestra u use for composing...also for upgrading or changing what i have..so please everybody :

    Strings: Sonic Implants Strings
    Woodwinds: Ewqlso Gold + Gold Pro
    Percussions: Ewqlso Gold + Gold Pro
    Brass: Sonic Implants Brass

    Favourite Reverb Plug-in: None..i don't use it!

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    Re: OT: Your Orchestra

    I have the following:

    Kirk Hunter Emerald
    EWQL Silver Orchestra
    Kontakt 2 version of VSL
    Bob Brass
    Bela D Media Giovani
    Pro Samples Vol 13 Choirs
    Storm Drums
    Stylus RMX
    Cantor (virtual singer)
    M42 Nebula
    Wusik Station, Many station, Vox'd, TSW Pro

    Many more plugins (far too many to list)

    Sonar 5 Producer - with its excellent compliment of effects plugins
    FL Studio 6 Producer - with its radical plugins

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    Re: OT: Your Orchestra

    These are what I use for purely orchestral stuff:

    Strings: Sonic Implants Strings / KH Solo Strings / HALION Strings / Sonic Implants Harp / X Sample Harp / Garritan Gigaharp / VSL Harp
    Woodwinds: Sonic Implants WW / Dan Dean Solo WW
    Percussion: Sonic Implants Perc / Synclavier Orch + World Perc / Wizoo Platinum 24 Latin Perc / SAM Timpani
    Brass: Sonic Implants Brass / SAM Trumpets / Tbns / Horns / Dan Dean Brass Ensembles

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    Re: OT: Your Orchestra

    For purely orchestral work:-

    VSL pro edition
    Peter Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra
    Ultimate Timp Library
    SAM Horns
    Garritan Strings

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    Re: OT: Your Orchestra

    I'm trying various combinations, but I seem to gravitate to:

    Woodwinds: GPO (but I have my eye on Westgate)
    Brass: SAM Solo Sessions
    Percussion: True Strike
    Strings: GPO/GOS

    I also have Gold and XSample, but I don't seem to be using them much at the moment.
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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