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Topic: GPO Solo String Sample Sizes

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    GPO Solo String Sample Sizes

    I notice that in loading the GPO solo violins (with KS) there are widely varying file sizes--even though the articulation sets are the same. The solo Strad KS is 40 MB, the solo Guarni KS is 20 MB and the solo Gagli KS is 9 MB.

    What are the additional samples used for? Does the Strad have more velocity layers, less pitch stretching, longer samples?

    I guess from a performance viewpoint, the question boils down to: other than a difference in timbre is there an advantage in expressiveness in using the GPO solo Strad KS over the Gagli?

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    Re: GPO Solo String Sample Sizes

    I would assume that its the differences in loop points (lengths of sustain samples) that makes the difference.

    I don't think there's any advantage to using the Stradavari over the others as it would boil down to simply a matter of taste. I much prefer the timbre of the guarini and gagli samples.

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    Re: GPO Solo String Sample Sizes

    Joseph is correct. The difference isn't due to the number of samples or layers, just the length of the samples to and including the loop. Features are the same for all 3 violins. The Gagliano loops the first bow stroke indefinitely while the Strad and the Guarnarius loop at the bow stroke change - sometimes the second bow stroke, sometimes the third. Longer loops, of course, create larger instruments.


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    Re: GPO Solo String Sample Sizes

    Joseph and Tom,

    Thank you for the replies and info. Just seeking some technical details so I can improve my use of the library.


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