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Topic: Machines and Flowers

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    Machines and Flowers

    Machines and Flowers

    Length: 5m2s
    Size: 10mb
    Bitrate: 256kbit

    "From the brutal, pounding rhythms of a machine room, the subject follows an exit into an idyllic field of flowers. A little exploration, however, reveals a perhaps unexpected relationship -- that the flowers themselves are the very result and purpose of the machines' creation."


    Hope you like it, and I'd appreciate any GPO tips.

    - Tucker

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    Very interesting. When I read the word "Machines" I thought, here's something that might have some heavy percussion depicting say like the slamming of a metal shears or whirling of drill presses or the thank tank bang of a turret lathe? Don't mind me, I'm just an ex-machine shop union worker from the early seventies. Still, would have loved to hear some obnoxious pounding percussion.
    Other than my premature supposition, I can say I love the strings! The trading off of the theme is awesomely effective. Nice transition to "Flowers"!

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    Re: Machines and Flowers

    Hi Tucker

    This was a most interesting journey, and a very exciting piece of music. My compliments! Thank you for letting us listen.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: Machines and Flowers

    Hey, thanks for the encouragement guys!

    Styxx, sorry, but no percussion. Next time I'll sample our structures and materials testing lab. A 600,000 lb capacity Universal Testing Machine crushing a concrete cylinder = a nice drum.

    - Tucker

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    Re: Machines and Flowers

    Nice job on this, Tucker; and an interesting initial premise.

    I especially liked the "flowers" section... good woodwind writing!



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