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Topic: GPO w/ Finale Allegro?

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    GPO w/ Finale Allegro?

    Yes, I know, really dumb question, but I did a search and couldn't find anything on this.

    Will GPO work in Finale Allegro 2005?

    Although I guess it would make more sense to just buy full-blown Finale and get GPO "free."

    This stuff is all so confusing to a newb. Sorry.

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    Re: GPO w/ Finale Allegro?

    There are no dumb questions. As long as Allegro has a midi setup window where you can select other midi output devices, then you can use the full GPO interfaced with Allegro using Garritan Studio. (which is a free download)

    Does that help?


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    Re: GPO w/ Finale Allegro?

    I think so, thanks. It says "external midi devices"...I'm assuming that means software and not just hardware.

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