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Topic: template suggestions for an orchestra setup

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    template suggestions for an orchestra setup

    Can anyone share or suggest instrument articulations and setups (Stacked or not) for getting started with a giga template for an orchestra?

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    Re: template suggestions for an orchestra setup

    It is difficult to suggest a template when we don't know what samples you have. For what it is worth to you, I have abandoned all the samples which came with GS3 and ( because I can not afford VSO) my template is all Kirk Hunter's Emerald. I have a basic template, and load only these basic samples as default. If I need any specific articulation, than add them on an unused port, and save this as a separatte performance with the same name as the saved work in my sequencer. I find this very quick loading and easy to do. By the way, IMHO Kirk's Emerald sounds better than the free samples of GS3, way better. And there are so many articulations and choices in his library, I'll never get to use them all. (No, I am not associated with KH in any way)
    Hope this helps, if not, and you wish to see my template, write an e mail to me.


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    Re: template suggestions for an orchestra setup

    One trick with the Vienna ensembles in GS3 Orchestra is to stack the staccato 1+2 with the mod-wheel sustains. Playing with a high velocity and low mod-wheel gives staccato. High velocity and mod-wheel give a hard attack sustain. Low velocity and high-modwheel give a slow attack sustain.


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