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Topic: Something Beautiful

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    Something Beautiful

    so i was asked by a music library to produce an instrumental knock off of James Blunt's "Your Beautiful". now, I'm not a big fan of this song, but i decided to give it a go. I only had about a day and if i had more time i'd redo the guitar solos, but i think it turned out all right, though a little cheesy (Chariots of Fire meets Heart)

    The piano is the GPO stienway and the string sound is the GPO full strings sus+short. incase you're wondering, the strumming guitar is yellow-tools pure guitars 12-string chords and the nylon is also yelow-tools. the drums and bass are Reason.

    GPO is so versatile!

    comments welcome

    "something Beautiful":

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    Re: Something Beautiful

    Nice job on this, Greg -- especially given such a short timeframe in which to produce it!



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    Re: Something Beautiful

    Obviously you know your stuff. Well done!


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