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Topic: "Whisked Into The Sky"

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    "Whisked Into The Sky"

    I can't believe it has been half a year since I last posted here! I would like to make my return by sharing this piece, which is the result of many weeks of hard work and study.

    Whisked Into The Sky.mp3

    I wanted to learn more about orchestration, so I decided to copy the methods of one particular composer whom I like very much. Since my primary focus was on orchestration, the composition itself tends to be a bit schizophrenic--but then I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing if it leads to new ideas. I hope you enjoy this.

    Bonus points to anybody who can identify the composer I copied! I'll give you a hint: This composer is from Japan, and this piece closely resembles one of the composer's existing pieces. (If you have heard the original piece in question, you will probably get it right away.)

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    Re: "Whisked Into The Sky"

    Wow, nice job!

    Great brass writing in the opening... and a wonderful piece, overall, lontas.

    Now here's the bad news:

    That's just the introduction -- please, you must take this further for us! It's such rich and fertile ground, yes, I hear the whole forum, now, I'm sure of it, and they're saying:



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    Re: "Whisked Into The Sky"

    whoa, good stuff! - very well done...and i thoroughly agree with david...


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    Re: "Whisked Into The Sky"

    Fine writing, Chris. Way to go! I enjoyed your music. Thanks for posting it.

    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: "Whisked Into The Sky"

    Yes, please continue! Very colorful orchestration, nicely balanced,and beautifully realized. Gary should put this on his site as an example of what GPO can do.

    Great job!

    R. Pearl

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    Re: "Whisked Into The Sky"

    Great. I like it very much. More!


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    Re: "Whisked Into The Sky"

    Wow! Thank you all for your compliments! I am honored to receive such compliments from such skilled composers.

    And Larry... You remembered my name!? I haven't posted here in half a year! I guess all that composing keeps the brain well primed. Peace,


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    Re: "Whisked Into The Sky"

    Just wanted to correct the link, since some people have not been able to download it:

    Whisked Into The Sky


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