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Topic: Stanley Organ Voluntary in G

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    Senior Member Eugene's Avatar
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    Stanley Organ Voluntary in G

    This is one of the first organ pieces I ever heard, many moons ago, played in my parish church - a voluntary with fugue composed by blind composer John Stanley (1712-1786) who lived in London and was a friend of Handel. I have never heard it performed since, either live or on record. It was written for manuals only, but I have incorporated pedal to give more weight to the lower bass notes - I think the piece can take this. I find it an attractive piece - hope you enjoy it.


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    Re: Stanley Organ Voluntary in G

    A fine piece -- lovely fugue -- and very well rendered, Eugene.

    I agree with your editorial addition of pedal; without it, I think it might perhaps sound a bit too thin.

    Perhaps Jonathan Orwig, our resident organmaster, will weigh in on this as well:

    Unless I am mistaken, it was not uncommon for pieces of this period to be written for the manuals; with the intention that the organist performing the piece would pedal-point it himself, as practical for the instrument at hand.

    Good job!


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    Re: Stanley Organ Voluntary in G

    I think David is right - I'm almost certain players would have added pedal notes as available. Most organs of that era in the UK did not have them, though.

    Very nice rendition - only one minor quibble - on a real organ the echo passages would likely come off much softer, since the flutes are much less assertive than full organ

    Someday we'll have GPOrgan to play with, and I imagine that will not only spur creativity, but also give the opportunity to help folks learn how to write better for the organ. I welcome that eventuality, and plan to offer tips when that time comes


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    Re: Stanley Organ Voluntary in G

    This is absolutely superb! The rendering is quite realistic and the performance shows a deep admiration and understanding of the work. BRAVO
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    Senior Member Eugene's Avatar
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    Smile Re: Stanley Organ Voluntary in G

    Here is the Stanley again, but this time with better reverberation (using SIR).
    Thanks to Bill (Valhalx) for pointing me in the right direction.

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