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Topic: new track including MGII

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    new track including MGII

    Hi guys,

    I've posted this one day before but it somehow disappeared.
    Just wanted to share a new tune, showcasing e.g. the upcoming sample library Monzter Guitars II, http://www.store.precisionsound.net/upcoming.php

    direct link:

    The track itself is a modern mixture of ambient, crossover and fast paced nu metal elements. Critics and comments are welcome.
    Rock on


    www.toxeen.com | music composition & sound design

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    Post Re: new track including MGII

    Nice work! Were the guitars processed or are they run as is?
    MotuHari--DP 4.61, Reason, Stylus RMX, Kontakt2, VGEE, GPO, Mac B&W G3w/G4 Upgrade, Keystation Pro 88

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    Re: new track including MGII


    actually the guitars are designed for no further need of processing. right here I've made little usage of guitar rig on a single note passage running 0:24-0:48. that's it.. the rest is "clean".
    www.toxeen.com | music composition & sound design

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    Re: new track including MGII

    nice work. sweet

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